you dress very nice

by ramona

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daniel spooky and lo-fi two things i luv Favorite track: its alright (ghosts).


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Track Name: 'events leading up to my funeral'
i had one in my dreams
i was a senior and i had it all figured out
ill be in a movie and make love on the floral tiles
but i lied as poppies fell onto the bed
i am only drinking my blood
i can see in your walk,
you are no fun.

god damn, touching my heart
im not made for my body
i want to do lots of drugs
make people feel sorry for my body
i wish i was an artist, so i could paint you through a window
empty space through your outline, but that's just you,

at my funeral
Track Name: goodnight (goodbye, good riddance)
alot of beatles samples
probs gettin sued