Wherebirdsmeettodie / Dearest Split 7"

by Various Artists




A split 7" between Wherebirdsmeettodie and Dearest, released with the following amazing labels:

Age Crisis Records (AUS)
Koepfen Records (GER)
Shivery MMXII Productions (GER)

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WBMTD: wherebirdsmeettodie.bandcamp.com
Dearest: dearestband.bandcamp.com


released August 27, 2014

Artwork by Saskia Rots.

Jason Springer - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Kyle Humphreys - Drums

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Rob Tipton.
Thanks to Brandon Dunlap for helping on vocals.

Recorded and Mixed by Dominik Bertelt in June 2014.
Mastered by Michael Simon.



all rights reserved


Ozona Records San Antonio, Texas


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Track Name: wherebirdsmeettodie - Flower Bed
Confined to the depths of the room in my chest,
Where no sound escapes and no light exists
As I watch myself sleep from above,
Just a fraction of who I thought I was

Walk through the walls to your room
Just to tell you that letting go has never been my thing

Take back everything I've ever done,
Close my eyes and dream until I'm gone.
Track Name: Dearest - It's about time
unburdened, reckless, life means to fail
an empty page another chance
the one will grow that does and makes
humans will always give and take
and who could be a ghost this time
as long as you live you'll laugh and cry
a broken heart that can be healed
everything in you is about to feel
happiness only real when shared
so don't hide yourself inside your bed
if you don't touch you cannot break
you cannot speak if you don't say
and what i learned in time so far
is that i am and that you are

so take a breath your lungs get filled
life's waiting my friend you are already late
Track Name: wherebirdsmeettodie - Acrylic
Left inside the house,
Unfinished paintings tucked behind the shelves
Repeating Memories
Forget me now, and love someone else
So forlorn yet humble, your earrings safe inside my drawer
While I'm where you left me, in the corner nailing down the blinds

Alone in the bed where you promised you'd stay
Alone in the room where I spend all my days
Alone in the bed where you promised you'd stay
Alone in the room where I waste all of my days

I'm the ghost of the memory of the shadow of a man
Made from what's left of us
I'll keep your candle lit, reminding me you're gone.
Track Name: Dearest - Closer
artificial light, so close, but i can't feel it inside
almost real, gleaming like the sun, it haunts
cold, so cold, and fading my hope
alone I'm standing in the light of my lie
constantly/courageless I'm drowning in my room, caught forever

looking into the streets
see the burden they carry
always shine so bright
like the hearts that died inside

looking into the streets
see the burden they carry
always shine so bright
even brightest stars vaporize