The Ability to Dream

by Mayfair



Mayfair's debut LP. Cassettes now available in the online store. Coming to vinyl in 2016.


released November 28, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Calvin Lauber at The Grove Recording Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Mastered by Azimuth in New Jersey. Artwork by Sam Leathers.



all rights reserved


Ozona Records San Antonio, Texas


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Track Name: Pill
[swallow me like a pill. i'll be your temporary relief.]
i guess it's poison
you hold such beauty to me
i could capture you in a photograph or memory
you're constant and changing//constantly changing
you could never know my name and still act the same
tear apart all of my veins and drain me out
Track Name: Swell
can’t be honest
don’t have anything to say
an empty bed
can’t be that bad
in my arms
a sleepless night
a guilty morning light
i wish i could spill my guts but I’m too dead inside
to feel more than the swell of your back against my chest
some thing just don’t work out
Track Name: The Ability to Dream
i fell into myself
sat in an endless breeze
moments before i lost the ability to dream
a faded conscious
a lonely alibi
couldn’t see past a memory
the last time i could breathe
a feeling i never had
the last time i could breathe
Track Name: Broken Sled
where can i find a place to hide my heavy heart
underneath blankets
under beds
lying in snow
a broken sled
i just need a break from this weight
to spread my wings and fly far away
lying in snow a broken sled
i would like to take a break before this tears me down
Track Name: Ghost
nothing but a ghost
right by your side
where no one can see
no one can see me
drape a sheet
gently over me
i don’t want to be
i don’t want to be your secret anymore
Track Name: Dark Mind
i had some thing to tell you but i forgot
i had something to give to you but i lost it
trapped inside your dark mind
eats me alive
Track Name: Untitled
its a faded picture that i wanted the most
i could spend days thinking of you
my memory is more vivid than the hand i could hold
if i could fall forever trying to catch a second glance
there's a part of me that wish i had a second chance
its days like this where i wish that i could think of a different color