i think the neighbor kid is cracking

by Somebody's Basement




Somebody's Basement; a cute emo band from Connecticut, writing sad tunes in somebody's basement - literally.

Somebody's Basement: somebodysbasement.bandcamp.com
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released September 12, 2013

Jack Brannigan - all lyrics, guitar
Mike "scooter bby" Cantin - drums, mixing, production, mastering
Chris Nicastro - bass, vocals, guitar

All tracks recorded at Scooter's Basement



all rights reserved


Ozona Records San Antonio, Texas


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Track Name: Could Be Winter Forever
It could be winter forever
I thought I faded with the weather
but I don't feel myself getting better
any time soon.

Clear sky at the start of spring I didn't feel a thing

I keep biting my fingernails while the weather here is getting nicer
but the dark spots of this town aren't getting any brighter

do you know that I still smoke there?
Track Name: Mega Toasty
It's just a party
with friends who give me the feeling that they don't want me
and other dudes that I don't like around me
so it's just me and Toasty for now.

Who invited these pricks?
(oh wait it was no one)
Tell them to shut up, I hear sirens.
Half the people I like went home or fell asleep

All of my friends
They all have secrets.
It's like nobody trusts me enough to get close.

It's just a party
but me and Toasty,
we're all alone.

"So Toasty comes up to me and he's like 'dude I don't think anyone here is my friend' and I'm just like 'yeah.'"
Track Name: National Treasure 2
You make me want to lay down
in a graveyard
and let a thousand
spooky swirling ghosts
wrap their arms around me
and pull me under the cold comforting ground

and when they finally consume my soul
I'll be dreaming about
how nice you looked
in the front seat

next to me
Track Name: Someone Else
Gas station coffee before sunrise
I am purposeless this morning, as all mornings.

This town itself is a phantom.
The apparitions of memories are appendages of the larger whole.

I like to think I'm someone else.
That I can make myself somebody new.
That somewhere there's a me who said the right thing at the right time.

Somewhere there's a me who's comfortable somewhere other than the past.

This town itself is a phantom.
The apparitions of memories are appendages of the larger whole.

Will I exist when this town is gone?