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released October 19, 2013

maxine crump - everything



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Ozona Records San Antonio, Texas


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Track Name: worms
i just want to be one thing, a blade of grass, a ballpoint pen, a cup of water, but the fact of the matter is that i am a reaction to every single particle of matter in the universe. i am a sloth, i am a slug, i am a part of this hill until i am compelled to move. you are a huge part of me, i do not know you, and you hate me. i am not fond of you either. do you think i am pretty? do you like my knees? very very very, but these things aren't myself. i think about my death a lot, how my body would decay, and how a family of worms would find a home in my eye sockets, and it's all for the better because the mother worm would say "don't touch that" and "i love you so much" and "wait til your father gets home." and that is what they would do. and they would become me.
Track Name: color in the sheets
I don't wanna know where all these broken people go
After their children fall asleep
I won't rectify every self-despondent sigh
In your sleep
Color in the sheets
We're bleeding in the park and we're breathing in the quiet dark
A smoke that never will retreat Introverted smiles, extroverted extra miles A tiger with no teeth
She's color in the sheets
Bleeding my hands and breaking the bends
Quietly searching for that place again
Under the sheets is where you'd want me to be, but my eyes are falling out, so I can't see
Track Name: sleepskin coat
Lets talk about me for a minute, cause I fall in love with everything I see And I can't get a grip on happy when I'm alone
I could write another poem, down another diet coke
I can't think about the cigarettes you smoke
I know longer can feel warm affection
You're getting old and you no longer get erections
Will someone provide us with concrete directions
In this sleepy skin I can hardly call home
Lets talk about me just one more minute
Cause I trace the curvature of my stomach with my hands
Every pallid face I see is cold and fleshy
Stuck between two fingers wet and sweet
I plunge my hand deep like child scraping around jamjar
Unwieldy as teenager's reach below his lover's belt line
The power that I felt when you looked me in the eye and said
"Girl, never let me see you cry"
Track Name: lost city diner
I think I broke my teeth last night
I have unsavory underbites
Every option ran away
So we got up and we turned grey
I'm never gonna die
In my mind and in my eyes
I'm never gonna die
I'll just sleep for awhile
I'll walk a nine minute mile
Fall asleep on the bathroom tile
Lie down in a grocery aisle
I'll just sleep for awhile
I'll just sleep for awhile
I'm never gonna die
Downy and cocktail shoes
Quiet TV afternoons
Every option ran its course
So we gave up and we went north
Canada is not so far
When we're in a new shiny car
Every option ran its course
So we gave up and we went north
Downy and cocktail shoes
Quiet workplace afternoons
Every option left for dead
So we got up and we went west
California's not so far
When you're in a new shiny car
Every option left for dead
So we got up and we went west
Track Name: percussive mouth tone
it hurts when you don't look at me, but the sun wells up too big inside my stomach every time you do and it always threatens to leak out through my eyes and mouth so i subsist
sometimes when i sit down, i falls asleep to the tune of radio fuzz and quiet workplace sitcoms which act as my favorite sponge
a train rolls through my line of vision about every half an hour, filling my ears up like paper cups that a mom at a picnic has accidentally overfilled while watching her husband play frisbee with the dog