File Dump / Get Even

by Odd Dates




Odd Dates:
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"File Dump" is on side A, "Get Even" is on side B. These are two EP's released by Odd Dates that we stuck together onto one tape because cassingles are dumb.


released January 15, 2014

Jeremy - Guitar/Vocals
Sam - Drums/Vocals

Art by Jeremy

Recorded by Joel Otte at Studiotte



all rights reserved


Ozona Records San Antonio, Texas


All music is available to stream but not download. You can download all releases from the respective artists' bandcamp page.

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Track Name: Wu Wei
My God.
What could you even do to even the keel?
Every word was just a drop in the ocean of me.
Hold your faith close to you.
What more could I ask of you?
Track Name: Break
I don't know
what it is you could see
between me and you
it's a mystery
well I admit there was a time
when I could concede to you
but that time has passed
and it is just a memory

oh how much simpler it would be
if we could choose our own destiny

I often wonder
if we could have saved ourselves
from the heartache
that we brought down into our souls
oh didn't we learn
the things that we can't stand
in the one that we hold dear
oh didn't we
oh didn't we
Track Name: Said and Done
what did you say to me
oh what did you say to me
oh what did you say
to make me believe that
somebody might give a shit

words tumbled out liked weeds
my face turned bright red
it was all I could do to keep myself from
crying to sleep

I wish that I had some grand knowledge
to impart upon you
but the sad truth is I'm just a drunk guy
singing with his guitar
about the things that he thinks he knows

the moral of the story is that high school girlfriends
are not forever
and I would be remiss if I didn't let you know
that it's all uphill from here for now
Track Name: Clearly
I don't know how to
even look you in the eye

I don't know where the
hole that was your face is now

well I don't know what you need to do
all I know is that you're a goner
the one who smoked with me in Carly's bedroom
on a warm summer day

where did all the time go
where did it all run to
Track Name: Get Even
I've got a million sad stories I could tell you
yes it's true

oh get even but don't get bent out of shape and out of your mind

well I've loved some people more than I could tell you
in a shitty song that I wrote

oh get even but don't get bent out of shape and out of your mind

It hurts
all the damn time
I know

stances begin to shift and you know that nobody can seem to look you in the

I don't know
what there is to know anymore

what could you do
to save me from you
nothing at all
I'm calling you out
Track Name: Easier Thought Than Done
you're staring me down
and I know what I have to do
but I avert my gaze
for reasons I can't explain

thought than done
so much easier
thought than done

there's a fine line
between romantic and creepy
that I can't seem to find

flailing around
in the dark
like you ever had any idea at all
what the fuck it was
that you were doing at all

I understand

fake it till you make it
but I don't know if I can take it
live with regret or die with remorse
but at least I'll say I tried
at least I'll say I tried

easier thought than done
easier thought than done