Crime Wave

by Televangelist




Televangelist's debut EP. Originally released in 2012, now re-pressed via Ozona Records in anticipation for the Televangelist LP that will be available on 12" vinyl soon.



released July 29, 2015

Art by Megan Tompkins
Recorded at AMH Studios

Mark Anthony Esquivel - guitars / lead vocals
Ian McIntosh - bass / vocals
Mason Macias - drums



all rights reserved


Ozona Records San Antonio, Texas


All music is available to stream but not download. You can download all releases from the respective artists' bandcamp page.

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Track Name: English Subtitles
I know every word that will clear your eyes.
I will never leave until you say it all.
I will never leave until you say it all right now.
The consistency of the sound is sound is off.
It momentarily breeds the end.
My minds taken up. There’s no room for reason.
Can you feel the signals fleeting towards the fire.
As painful as I knew it.
Moan the things that you’re owed.
Track Name: Hospital Beds
High, waste of all my time
Aren't you nervous that all these things you hold are never enough to fill the hole you burden?
Used, up up up
City, won't you burn?
I will go on until you see it's the vices imprisoning me
I will go on until you believe
High, waste of all my time
Aren't you nervous that all these things you hold are never enough to fill the hole? It's a burden.
Used, up up up
Pace the steps to the illusion brought by all. It doesn’t make much sense, no. It leaves you wanting.
I'm still the beast that you use to know
In different skin, same eyes
No, I can’t be saved
The well is dry
If you try and reach into far you might slip inside
Track Name: Through Your Teeth
Wait for us
Don’t be shy, don’t be shy
If you stay I wont mind
Just as long, just as long as you
Lie right through all your teeth
Say its true
Taste all those words that you spent on your tongue
Let it go through mountains and we’ll see if it returns
Who will sing if your stranded on the bottom of earth
Who will save our place if we wonder off a little to far
Track Name: What She Hides
Let's cast a rhythm until we see what she hides
On the Houston trip
Who was it you were speaking with?
Was it the voice inside your head?
Or was it just the wind?
Just because you were there doesn’t make me your memory
When your heart starts to fall like you were in love
You’re mistaken, it's fake
Because she's walked away