Cabin Fire / Love Is a Black Widow split

by Various Artists




A split between Cabin Fire and Love is a Black Widow. This is a split release with Driftwood Records.

Cabin Fire:
Love is a Black Widow:

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released July 7, 2014

CF: Recorded on May 7, 2014 in The Shed. Always recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Lee.

LIABW: Recorded and Mixed by Matt Whitson. Mastered by Will Killingsworth.

Artwork by Garrett Smith.



all rights reserved


Ozona Records San Antonio, Texas


All music is available to stream but not download. You can download all releases from the respective artists' bandcamp page.

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Track Name: Cabin Fire - Dry Years
Do you remember when the river dried and brought the hard times?
They remembered it then and they remember it now
But even if it floods, the wounds will still be sore
It will take more than a drink to forget the past
Track Name: Cabin Fire - The Bones of Our Sons
So, here we stand, backs to the North
The pitch white of our progress measured in inches, while the rest of the world compares in feet
“We had our time, but this is the end”
We have our legacy to uphold
For the fear of change grips our bones and the bones of our sons
Track Name: Cabin Fire - You Can Rot Here (Without Feeling It)
As sinners who sinned before us
The old timers longed to see us healed
Mouthing to the rest, “Get out of here and don't you dare turn around and come back,”* they echoed our gospel
We continue to fill our sores with the grit of their resolve, hoping to see them heal

*There Will Be Blood
Track Name: Love is a Black Widow - Figment
Legion of shadows
World of decay
Paranoid delusions
Can't get away
Lights in the sky
Draw the clear path
Roads in this life
Lead only to ends
I can feel it
But I can't see it
I can't hear it
I can't touch it
Days spent in limbo
Nerve endings gone numb
Escape this worthless body
Nothing else to be done
Bent over backwards trying to shut out the truth
Now it consumes me everywhere I look
Nothing is real
Nothing left to lose
Track Name: Love is a Black Widow - Get Up and Try Again
Heartbeat races
Running out of rope
Need some relief
Nowhere to go
Trace that face on the ceiling
In an image as real as it could ever be
Ambitions die
Run away again
Find a new option
Anything to hope in
It's not enough
It will never be enough
Head fucking hurts
I've run out of rope
Always letting myself slip
Nowhere to go
Nothing is permanent
Except this tightness in my chest
Track Name: Love is a Black Widow - The Pessimist
Helpless and scared
Sick from the trying
Hopeless and alone
Have to keep running
The wailing is on its way
Rising up in my chest
It's only a matter of time
Before the peaceful moment ends
Panic is back
Eating up my veins
Tearing out my insides
Leaving on the empty space
The dying words
Of a better time
Petals left alone
To whither and dry
Stem wilts and decays into the earth
Last chances sink in to the cold hard dirt
The rain created a poetic frame
The problem is things don't end that way
Sometimes the answers aren't there
No matter how we strain to find them
Track Name: Love is a Black Widow - Empty
What brings me to this place
A legacy of aimless drifting
Why do I persist in searching
When there's no light at the end to guide me on my way
Inch along the walls
Guided by the grooves
No concept left
Of space or distance
I'm choking on old hope
My memory is failing me
Sight has failed me
Sound has failed me
Nothing weighs down on my shoulders
Nothing weighs down on my feet
Nothing weighs heavy on my mind
Recollection has failed me
The finite is collapsing around my shapeless figure
Rendered invisible by the vast expanse
The earth opens up to swallow me whole
Becoming one with the void again
Returning home again
Track Name: Love is a Black Widow - The Optimist
Fractured image
Evening drags on
Sun comes up
Another day lost
Searching for a solution
In a digital past
Can't find surer footing
Need a place to rest
Another fractured image
Again evening drags on
Another sun comes up
Again a day lost
The cycle will continue
Until we put it to an end
Old dead words
Rattle around inside our heads
The ache will continue
Until we put it to an end
Choking on memories
Better left untapped
I was hoping that I could help you heal
And you could help me heal
And tomorrow could be brighter
Tomorrow could be
Empty frame
Survive the day
Carve out a new hope
Find a way