Blue Version / Red Version

by The Speed of Sound in Seawater

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Gian Rodriguez
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Gian Rodriguez Instrumentally insane. The rawness of the album(s) compliment the soft, yet harsh, tone of the vocals. The definition of Math-pop. Favorite track: Yay, Flowers.



This is a limited dual-cassette release done for The Speed of Sound in Seawater. Red Version on red cassettes, Blue Version on blue cassettes. Both cassettes placed into an angel case with their respective artwork. Limited to 150.

The Speed of Sound in Seawater:

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released May 1, 2014

Album art by E.B. Rothwell.
Recorded in the spring of 2009 at Joshua Tree Studios.
Damien Verrett: Guitar, vocals, bass, trombone
Fernando Oliva: Drums, vocals, trombone

Recorded between 12/14/09 and 4/10/10 at Shattered Records studios in Citrus Heights, CA.

Drums for tracks 1,3,4 and 5 recorded at Pus Cavern with Joshua Benton of Joshua Tree Studios.

Album art by E.B. Rothwell

Damien Verrett: Guitar, vocals, glockenspiel
Fernando Oliva: Drums, vocals
Lucas Ulrici: Bass, vocals
Jordan Seavers: Guitar, vocals, glockenspiel, trumpet, accordion, keyboard



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Track Name: You Bite Down
You bite down
please let go

your jaws crack bone,
drink marrow

Listen here, assailing Lichen,
I'm leaning towards dislikin'
your clan
all those half beast half man

submit, just quit
concede to the pain that emits
from every inch of flesh I bit
be rid of your mortal skin

I awoke on a hardwood floor,
the door, ajar, framed a view of the moors
where the night before
you were reborn

Immortality at such small cost
so you have to kill a few men?
Well the gain outweighs the loss

We still don't see eye to eye
you'd have me kill I'd rather die
you call this a gift?
I call it hell to live with

You are a terrible
perspective clouded werewolf
surrender your fangs

you're docile and tame
what is this pet I've made?
Track Name: Blowhole of Sorrow, Lend Me Your Ears; Drink From These Eyes These Salt-Tasting Tears
If I had half the gall,
you would drink oil
Track Name: Yay, Flowers
There are acres and acres
of conic hats and noise makers
weed out the fakers
take off his mask and I will take hers

I will take hers

You're shying, retracting
the world knows that you're play acting
your facade is cracking
you've been found out, so stop unpacking

stop unpacking

Remove the straps
the room lets out a gasp
what is
underneath what we all see?
White mystery

If vacuuming makes you cry,
then why do you do it so much?
The carpet's clean
no amount of pruning's gonna change anything.
Track Name: Amy Adams
I can get as red
as anyone else I've met
I just haven't had the chance to prove it yet

Now i'm a fat house cat
nursing my serpent's tongue

I've been searching so long
cardboard cut-outs of Amy Adams
red strands meet bare hands
the drawbridge drops, said lemme at 'em
Ariel, a swelling surface has surfaced,
take your twenty thing-a-ma-bobs
and let's make like Jetsam
Track Name: The Scariest Room in the House
Show me where you sleep
that I might relieve
this inkling feeling that's tormenting me

Disregard everything I just said
I'm just out of place in my temporary head

You would not believe
what's been lurking
right above the place where you sleep

Disregard everything I just said
I don't want to plague
you're suggestible head
Just get out
take only what you can
That place isn't safe for any mortal man
Track Name: Romanticore
I liked you better when you fit in my pocket
Trembling so slightly I could fail to even spot it
Bite sized, still you had teeth enough to rend
The bites got bigger the more mouthfuls we tried to prevent

Didn't even have to look you in the eye
God, they were awful eyefuls to behold
To be sure, they were not pure, those fetid springs we tried to cure,
still we rolled up our sleeves and went down with our sieves to the cay

The vacant gut
the manticore
I could only guess
the beast hungered for something more

Those yawning jaws
my dental awe
three rows of incisors
and not a single flaw

Didn't even have to look you in the eye
God, they were awful eyefuls to behold
They were rotten to the core, those loathsome fruit our orchard bore,
still at the first sign of drop we went out to the crop with our gloves

Don't tell me 'bout all the flesh you've torn through
All the harems that you secretly are sworn to
Out comes the confession, now where's the mystery?
Your history only serves to repulse me

Oh winged one
I'll sleep while you eat
just wake me up when you are done

Take to the air
If you must return for more
I swear I will not care
Track Name: Girl Power, Immortalized
I can feel it on your skin
smell it on your breath
that lingering odor
of death

I wrote that line for her
in case you couldn't tell
that didn't win her over
very well

I will search you four more
times until
I get a satisfactory response

Talking about god
talkin' 'bout death
Let's take this talking of ours
to bed

You are chaste and cold
you'll take it to the grave
You only want me
for my brain

I will search you four more
times until
you give a satisfactory 'sponse
I suppose I still
would search you four more
times until
I get a better offer from a
cheaper thrill

I'm in debt
to whoever embalmed you

I have never had
the hots so damn bad

Courting you
is all I'm into

Set my features
because I'm ready

I'm ready

I would do anything

The chase
the catch
the corpse

hold up
your end
Track Name: Formaldehyde
All pests aside,
we need formaldehyde
I'd bridge these gaps
if not for mental lapse

Come now
we've got to
cherish these thoughts some how

These ghosts of friends
increase in increments

serves no purpose
and the word is
you deserve this

All bets are off
for captured Atlas Moth
The tears run dry
for collared butterfly

Goddess, I know
that I haven't a lot to show

serves no purpose
and the worst is
you deserve this

Do you feel bad?
Cause you should
Cause you should

'Neath glass
Your extremities pinned at last

My own
my own
Track Name: Vixen of the Deep
Big beautiful eyes
if I look too long, I might capsize
If I could locate your thighs
I'd give you something to remember me by

Vixen of the Deep
Oh, the secrets we must keep

Hush, love
shut your beak
we must not speak

We'll elope in the night
a spineless man and invertebrate wife
won't we be quite the sight?
Our twelve legs all dangling together so tight

Vixen of the Deep
Oh, the secrets our love breeds.

I just can't wait to meet
your family

Ink black
your eyes won't hold contact

Why can't you just look your poor love in the eye?
Is it something that I did? Or is this numbness your birthright?
Just look at me Vixen, like the night our eyes first met
I've never seen those saucers look so wet.

While there may be other fish in the sea,
none of them are as committed to you as me.
Our inability to breed
means nothing to me

Track Name: Dinner and a Movie on a Post-Apocalyptic Earth: 12 Bottle Caps, Successfully Repopulating the Human Race: Priceless
Qu'est ce-que tu m'aime
comme moi je t'aime?
We're not so condemned
I'll take you out
on one condition
we must continue
this bestial tradition

The knight is a dying breed
for there are few now who remember chivalry
and even less
who can recall
the lengths I went
to be crushed by your jaws

But me
I'm just fine

You and I will go for a ride
on the only tandem bicycle
that's likely to survive

Everything'll be alright
I want to end up where you end up tonight

I'm less inspired by
the setting sun
now that the earth has died
Still I can't describe
how thrilled I am
to be one of two alive

I'm just fine

Morals aside
I'm justified
is on the line

carry the fire
carry the fire
carry the fire


You've got charms aimed for hips
aim for lips
you would try using might
waste of time
give up the fight

It seems that I find something new
That I absolutely adore
about you

I'll take you out
and back to my den
after that I guess whatever happens

Your longwinded speech
buries me up to my neck
my gun just out of reach

If we could find a priest
I'd be happy to oblige you,
sadly they are all deceased

God fearing girls
have no place here

Extinction bound
bearing at the speed of sound
But I will not quit
until we're level with the ground

I don't have a soul
a place to go
a house or home

But I've got gall
I've got time
I've got a goal,
a gal, the goddess of life

You might have a lock
I've got a key
I swear to god
you'd be so happy with me

I'll take you out

The words you craft seem simple
but they hold a different tone
and though it's true, she'd rather die than walk the earth alone,

She will not suffer this
that dress will never touch the ground
I promise Eve is gonna shape the world
her way this time around

I promise
Track Name: The Coldest Room in the House
It's 27 degrees
you wanna free up those sheets?
our extremities
frost bitten quite deep

I can't make my bed with you in it
I sorely wish that I could lie another minute
We can't have that, for fear you might leave my pocket
and once it starts there's not a lot that can stop it

I fail to find the thermostat
and I can't ask you where it's at
because to rouse you from your sleep
would disrupt a thing of beauty

Don't be shy
pull the faceplate on the enclosure aside
you'll be a hero to this house
if you can banish the cold without

You should hear the things that I have read
the ease with which men end up in your bed
You work within such lax prerequisites
for fear of finding your bed desolate

I could care less what you do
it just reflects poorly upon you
You could care less what I say
but I swear you'll wake up alone someday

I am not alright