4​-​way split

by Various Artists




"This is a little 4-way split with some awesome bands! We are really glad we could be part of this."
- Flowers Taped to Pens

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released December 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Ozona Records San Antonio, Texas


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Track Name: Flowers Taped to Pens - Ghosts In My Bed
Can you hold me down?
Shove your finger down my throat
it's a sentimental value

And a promise to new hope
can you hear me?
let the leaves fall to the ground
can it still be you?
As the wind howls deafening sound
Douse ourselves in gasoline
Our bodies need fuel
With ghosts in my head
and all thats been said
I Can't decide will you miss me?

The ghosts in my dreams
migrating North
In search of something left behind
what did you become?
lend me your feathers and walk up the shore

and the sea is rising, don't mind me
now the tide is changing, watch what washes up
wrapping waves around you, do dreams float?

You are swept away
There's nothing to fear
Time's not so clear
I am still here
Track Name: Flowers Taped to Pens - That Same Street
Our lives, Last fury
Play the question games, sorting blame
I'll break every bone till you come back,
but i can't fill space that i lack

Last night i gave them away,
ghosts and needles, stay to play
I'll pull my teeth everyday, but I won't feel good anyway

Where are they?
Summers Day
We still stay
That same street
How can you?
Still be here?
With these days?
Bitter Shade
Track Name: Nevasca - Leaving (This Northern) Town
What are you waiting for?
Why don't you just come home?

You leave your home and lose your hopes
And sky becomes more gloomy
And noise that seemed so strange for you
Became the only salvage
You fly away and pray
That heavy boeing will crash down
'cause you don't want to feel this pain at every turn

You weep at every night
Sleep is the only way out
To see their faces once again
To be not lost
Track Name: Nevasca - (My) Memory (Always) Fails Me
We are standing alone
In a front porch of my home
You have nothing to say
But I don't want to hear you anymore
Just give me a message
When you will come home

Losing each other
And leaving behind all we ever loved
Who will throw me lifebuoy
If I start to sink?

And now I sale my home, it's empty without love
Moments I used to know I have forgot in my loft
And all the places I've seen won't be important to me
Like first

But I'm like a chasin' ghost in your life and noise for your ears
It seems there's no way to be something more than just like a noise
Something more than just like a mud in your eyes
But i promise that I will never leave you untill I hold you here

Hold your hand
Track Name: American Memories - Grave
the winter air
clinging to my lungs
i held my breath for you
but it was far too long
long days
getting longer by the week
i remember i'd be there
when you needed me
but i hate this place
and the cities i'll never see
i hate myself
like everything else
i can't stop thinking
i can't stop drinking
myself into an early grave
i can't stop think
maybe this is how
it's supposed to be
fuck this empty apartment
laying on the earth
put my body in the river
cause it's what i deserve
maybe tomorrow
i'll wake up better than i am now